Sunday, 21 November 2010

Vegan Marshmallow project

After I came home from the West Midlands Vegan Festival with a few bags of Vegan Marshmallow and ate them all within a few days I decided I needed to be able to make these delicious things myself.
I found This blog for Vegan Marshmallows (as it happens, this is the recipe which gave me the idea for my blog)
I am currently working on getting all the items on the ingredients list and this is where I've found to get them:

Soy Protein Isolate 90%: Holland and Barrett sell this, I ordered online and got a strawberry flavoured one too 
guar gum: I haven't found this in quantities less than 1Kg, 1Kg bag of Guar gum but apparently Xanthan gum is a good enough substitute, available at and probably on the high st.
light corn syrup: The stateside candy company sell this, but there is also a "No corn syrup" version of the recipe 
Genutine Vegetarian Gelatin: I can't find Genutine brand but apparently Dr. Oetkers Vege-gel is very similar and available at sainsburys amongst others. (not all branches of Sainsbury's stock it, I had to email their customer services to find out if any of my local stores did.)

Update: I made the first attempt last night. I hadn't got any Dr. Oetker's Vege-gel so I used Vege-set which is carrageenan gum based but doesn't have the locust bean... 

It seemed to go pretty well, I didn't take any photos during the process as I had my hands full most of the time :) The end result looked like this though:

I had a small issue with the marshmallow being excessively moist and absorbing a lot of the powdered sugar, I've asked Dave for his advice and we'll see how the second attempt goes. I'll get a helper to photograph the process too...

The List

Ok, so this is "The List"
I'll put all the hard to find ingredients here with the places we've found to get them from.
please feel free to comment with any other places you find these things, especially if you find them cheaper or with less restrictive shipping etc.
1) Vital Wheat Gluten:, 
2) Smoked Spanish Paprika:

3) Liquid Smoke:
4) Soy Protein Isolate 90%:  Holland and Barrett 
5) guar gum:  1Kg bag of Guar gum or use Xanthan gum from 
6) light corn syrup: The stateside candy company 
7) Genutine Vegetarian Gelatin:  Dr. Oetkers Vege-gel from  sainsburys 

Where does he get those wonderful... umm ingredients?

So this is the daunting first post of my new blog.
I am a Vegan in the UK, that might have been obvious from the blog title but I thought I'd re-iterate it here. My intention is to chronicle some of the recipes I've tried and maybe succeeded in cooking. A lot of the recipes I find are written by people on the other side of the Atlantic where they have ingredients that are hard to find here in the UK. My primary focus for the blog is going to be those recipes where I've had to do a bit of searching to find what I need and then list where I found them. Hopefully if anyone ever reads this they might be able to help find other sources for the ingredients and I will compile a reference list.

I'll start with this one for Vegan Ribz
These things are delicious, and I've fed them to meat eaters who agree!
The ingredients are:
1) 1 cup vital wheat gluten
2) 2 teaspoons smoked Spanish paprika
3) 2 tablespoons nutritional yeast
4) 2 teaspoons onion powder
5) 1 teaspoon garlic powder
6) 3/4 cup water
7) 2 tablespoons peanut butter, tahini or other nut butter
8) 1 teaspoon Liquid Smoke

1) I found wheat gluten at they have a minimum order value of £10 but they sell a lot of useful stuff there so it's easy to make a £10 order.
2) Is also conveniently available at :)
3) This is pretty easy to find in Holland and Barrett and other similar shops
4) I get this at a stall in the market of the Victoria Centre in Nottingham, flourbin also sell this. The stuff I get is not so much powder as dried onion flakes which give the ribz a nice texture.
5) Again, the market stall or flourbin
6) the tap in my kitchen :D
7) I think I'm going to skip the obvious ones in future posts :)
8) This was the last tricky thing to find, there are a number of different brands and places that sell them online but my favourite is hot headz hickory liquid smoke

So now you have a recipe and the information on how to get the ingredients in the UK so go make it!